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in 2014, Hoshino Resorts celebrated the 100th year anniversary of the opening of our first Ryokan in Karuizawa, Nagano. The Japanese travel and tourism industry has witnessed major changes and we envision change on a revolutionary scale in the next century.

Although broad predictions about the future are difficult to make in this industry, I boldly predict that travel and tourism will be a leading industry in maintaining world peace in the next century. In this age of globalism, the influence of public opinion is inevitable and leads me to believe that travel influences this public opinion to some extent. Traveling around one’s own country gives deeper insight and understanding of one’s homeland and visiting overseas provides an opportunity to experience the richness of different cultures. Travel enables you to meet local people and build friendships.

I believe that “Connecting people around the world” is a special kind of magic that only the travel industry can create, as travel opens doors to discover foreign treasures and cultures. Through travel, we connect with people around the world, bonds are formed and friendships are made. This is our stand point for the upcoming century. Our belief and commitment in encouraging people to travel all over the globe empowers them to build a more peaceful world. To achieve our mission in the next the century, Hoshino Resorts will be taking serious steps to realize the magic of travel to build friendships among world communities.

We are strongly dedicated to all our efforts to realize our dream. We love to work with our guests, clients and community members who serve as constant inspiration to us. Our mission to “Dream big, manage steadily” leads us every day in our efforts to reach our goals. We gratefully appreciate your support and cooperation.



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  • Client:
    Hosinoya Payangan Bali
    2016 | 30 Villa | Interior & Joinery

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Our company engaged primarily in woodworking Indonesia tropical wood such as merbau wood, teak wood, chamfer, bangkirai, Sono wood Keeling and others. Our markets are local markets and export. Who managed with the system that has standard quality, and works with experienced human resources in the field.

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